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depot_x Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for depot_x:
building_x map_object_x extend_get coord3d ingame_object

Public Member Functions

string append_vehicle (player_x pl, convoy_x cnv, vehicle_desc_x desc)
string start_convoy (player_x, convoy_x)
string start_all_convoys (player_x)
array< convoy_xget_convoy_list ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from building_x
factory_x get_factory ()
city_x get_city ()
bool is_townhall ()
bool is_headquarter ()
bool is_monument ()
integer get_passenger_level ()
integer get_mail_level ()
building_desc_x get_desc ()
bool is_same_building (building_x)
- Public Member Functions inherited from map_object_x
 map_object_x (integer x, integer y, integer z, map_objects type)
bool is_valid ()
player_x get_owner ()
string get_name ()
way_types get_waytype ()
coord3d get_pos ()
string is_removable (player_x)
map_objects get_type ()
void mark ()
void unmark ()
bool is_marked ()

Detailed Description

Class to access depots. Main purpose is the manipulation of convoys in depots.

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Member Function Documentation

array<convoy_x> depot_x::get_convoy_list ( )
list of convoys sitting in this depot

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