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map_object_x Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for map_object_x:
coord3d extend_get ingame_object coord bridge_x building_x field_x label_x powerline_x sign_x tree_x tunnel_x way_x wayobj_x

Public Member Functions

string get_name ()
player_x get_owner ()
coord3d get_pos ()
map_objects get_type ()
way_types get_waytype ()
bool is_marked ()
string is_removable (player_x)
bool is_valid ()
 map_object_x (integer x, integer y, integer z, map_objects type)
void mark ()
void unmark ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from coord3d
string _tostring ()
 coord (int x, int y, int z)
string href (string text)
coord3d operator* (integer fac)
coord3d operator+ (coord3d other)
coord3d operator+ (coord3d other)
coord3d operator- (coord other)
coord3d operator- (coord other)
coord3d operator- ()
coord3d operator/ (integer fac)
- Public Member Functions inherited from coord
string _tostring ()
 coord (int x, int y)
string href (string text)
coord operator* (integer fac)
coord operator+ (coord other)
coord operator- (coord other)
coord operator- ()
coord operator/ (integer fac)
dir to_dir ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from coord3d
integer x
integer y
integer z
 z-coordinate - height
- Public Attributes inherited from coord
integer x
integer y

Detailed Description

Class to access objects on the map These classes cannot modify anything.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ map_object_x()

map_object_x::map_object_x ( integer  x,
integer  y,
integer  z,
map_objects  type 

Constructor. Implemented by derived classes. Fails if no object of precisely the requested type is on the tile. If there is more than one object of this type on the tile then it will return the first.

typeof the map object

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_name()

string map_object_x::get_name ( )
raw name.

◆ get_owner()

player_x map_object_x::get_owner ( )
owner of the object.

◆ get_pos()

coord3d map_object_x::get_pos ( )

◆ get_type()

map_objects map_object_x::get_type ( )
type of object.

◆ get_waytype()

way_types map_object_x::get_waytype ( )
way type, can be wt_invalid.

◆ is_marked()

bool map_object_x::is_marked ( )
whether object is highlighted.

◆ is_removable()

string map_object_x::is_removable ( player_x  )

Checks whether player can remove this object.

error message or null if object can be removed.

◆ is_valid()

bool map_object_x::is_valid ( )
if object is still valid.

◆ mark()

void map_object_x::mark ( )

Marks the object for highlighting. Use with care.

◆ unmark()

void map_object_x::unmark ( )

Unmarks the object for highlighting.

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