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void start ()
void start (int pl_num)
void resume_game ()
void resume_game (int pl_num)
void step ()
void new_month ()
void new_year ()
string get_map_file ()
string get_about_text (integer pl)
string get_rule_text (integer pl)
string get_goal_text (integer pl)
string get_info_text (integer pl)
string get_result_text (integer pl)
string get_debug_text (integer pl)
string get_api_version ()
integer is_scenario_completed (integer pl)
bool is_tool_allowed (integer pl, integer tool_id, way_types wt)
string is_work_allowed_here (integer pl, integer tool_id, coord3d pos)
string is_schedule_allowed (integer pl, schedule_x schedule)
string is_convoy_allowed (integer pl, convoy_x convoy, depot_x depot)

Detailed Description

Documents the necessary functions to be implemented by a script

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