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schedule_entry_x Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for schedule_entry_x:
coord3d coord

Public Member Functions

halt_x get_halt (player_x pl)
 schedule_entry_x (coord3d pos, integer wait, integer load)
string waiting_time_to_string ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from coord3d
string _tostring ()
 coord (int x, int y, int z)
string href (string text)
coord3d operator* (integer fac)
coord3d operator+ (coord3d other)
coord3d operator+ (coord3d other)
coord3d operator- (coord other)
coord3d operator- (coord other)
coord3d operator- ()
coord3d operator/ (integer fac)
- Public Member Functions inherited from coord
string _tostring ()
 coord (int x, int y)
string href (string text)
coord operator* (integer fac)
coord operator+ (coord other)
coord operator- (coord other)
coord operator- ()
coord operator/ (integer fac)
dir to_dir ()

Public Attributes

integer load
integer wait
- Public Attributes inherited from coord3d
integer x
integer y
integer z
 z-coordinate - height
- Public Attributes inherited from coord
integer x
integer y

Detailed Description

Schedule entries

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ schedule_entry_x()

schedule_entry_x::schedule_entry_x ( coord3d  pos,
integer  wait,
integer  load 


poscoordinate of entry
waitwaiting time
loadminimum loading

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_halt()

halt_x schedule_entry_x::get_halt ( player_x  pl)

Returns halt at this entry position.

plplayer that wants to use halt here
halt instance

◆ waiting_time_to_string()

string schedule_entry_x::waiting_time_to_string ( )

Returns waiting time formatted as string.

Member Data Documentation

◆ load

integer schedule_entry_x::load

Minimum loading percentage.

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◆ wait

integer schedule_entry_x::wait

Waiting time setting.

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