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good_desc_x Class Reference
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obj_desc_x extend_get

Public Member Functions

integer calc_revenue (way_types wt, integer speedkmh)
integer get_catg_index ()
integer get_weight_per_unit ()
 good_desc_x (string name)
bool is_interchangeable (good_desc_x)
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string get_name ()
bool is_equal (obj_desc_x other)
bool is_valid ()

Static Public Attributes

static good_desc_x mail
 descriptor for mail
static good_desc_x passenger
 descriptor for passenger

Detailed Description

Descriptor of goods and freight types.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ good_desc_x()

good_desc_x::good_desc_x ( string  name)


nameraw name of the freight type.

Member Function Documentation

◆ calc_revenue()

integer good_desc_x::calc_revenue ( way_types  wt,
integer  speedkmh 

Calculates transport revenue per tile and freight unit. Takes speedbonus into account. Value contains an additional factor of 3000. Don't ask. Divide by 3000 after calculating revenue for a loaded convoy.

wtwaytype of vehicle
speedkmhactual achieved speed in km/h

◆ get_catg_index()

integer good_desc_x::get_catg_index ( )
freight category. 0=Passengers, 1=Mail, 2=None, >=3 anything else

◆ get_weight_per_unit()

integer good_desc_x::get_weight_per_unit ( )
weight of one unit of this freight

◆ is_interchangeable()

bool good_desc_x::is_interchangeable ( good_desc_x  )

Checks if this good can be interchanged with the other, in terms of transportability.

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