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factory_desc_x Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

building_desc_x get_building_desc ()
array< factory_slot_information_xget_inputs ()
table< factory_desc_xget_list ()
string get_name ()
array< factory_slot_information_xget_outputs ()
integer get_productivity_base ()
integer get_productivity_range ()
bool is_electricity_producer ()
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string get_name ()
bool is_equal (obj_desc_x other)
bool is_valid ()

Detailed Description

Object descriptors for factories.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get_building_desc()

building_desc_x factory_desc_x::get_building_desc ( )

Descriptor of associated building.

◆ get_inputs()

array<factory_slot_information_x> factory_desc_x::get_inputs ( )

Returns array with information about input goods

◆ get_list()

table<factory_desc_x> factory_desc_x::get_list ( )

Returns table with all factory types. The factory names are used as table keys.

◆ get_name()

string factory_desc_x::get_name ( )

◆ get_outputs()

array<factory_slot_information_x> factory_desc_x::get_outputs ( )

Returns array with information about input goods

◆ get_productivity_base()

integer factory_desc_x::get_productivity_base ( )

Initial production of a factory is get_productivity_base() + rand( get_productivity_range() ).

base production

◆ get_productivity_range()

integer factory_desc_x::get_productivity_range ( )
base production variable range

◆ is_electricity_producer()

bool factory_desc_x::is_electricity_producer ( )
true if this factory produces electricity

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