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bridge_desc_x Class Reference
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obj_desc_transport_x obj_desc_time_x obj_desc_x extend_get

Public Member Functions

integer get_max_height ()
integer get_max_length ()
bool has_double_ramp ()
bool has_double_start ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from obj_desc_transport_x
integer get_cost ()
integer get_maintenance ()
integer get_topspeed ()
way_types get_waytype ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from obj_desc_time_x
time_x get_intro_date ()
time_x get_retire_date ()
bool is_available (time_x time)
bool is_future (time_x time)
bool is_retired (time_x time)
- Public Member Functions inherited from obj_desc_x
string get_name ()
bool is_equal (obj_desc_x other)
bool is_valid ()

Static Public Member Functions

static array< bridge_desc_xget_available_bridges (way_types)

Detailed Description

Object descriptors for bridges.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get_available_bridges()

static array<bridge_desc_x> bridge_desc_x::get_available_bridges ( way_types  )

Returns a list with available bridge types.

◆ get_max_height()

integer bridge_desc_x::get_max_height ( )
maximal bridge height

◆ get_max_length()

integer bridge_desc_x::get_max_length ( )
maximal bridge length in tiles

◆ has_double_ramp()

bool bridge_desc_x::has_double_ramp ( )
true if this bridge can raise two level from flat terrain

◆ has_double_start()

bool bridge_desc_x::has_double_start ( )
true if this bridge can start or end on a double slope

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